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2015 update: Green Rocket Digital is now offering video optimization services to complement all video production projects. This includes keyword research, consulting with SEO experts, developing customized strategies and integrating evolving best practices.

“What does SEO mean?”

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It means digital media content of some form has undergone a process to make it more discoverable by search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and YouTube. When someone types in a search query with search words (commonly referred to as “keywords”), Google wants to return the best search engine page results (“SERPs”). If done appropriately and accurately, there are ways to help guide the process of connecting Google and audiences to your content.

By identifying the best “high-performing” keywords for your business (significant relevance, high search volume and low competition), you can increase the value of your content substantially by optimizing elements – pages and articles, photos and videos – to drive results for your business. Video optimization (aka SEO for video) is the process of integrating video with relevant keywords, information and other metadata in such a way that the video will be more discoverable with search engines.

Research reveals video as the most engaging form of online media. Video optimization increases its value by bringing more organic traffic to it. Keywords can also be used for video advertising, e.g. for a YouTube video ad that is displayed on a page as part of the search results following a query.  Keyword research is the essential process that begins by identifying which words / phrases, topics and questions are most relevant for your business from the perspective of potential customers and target audiences.

Green Rocket Digital wants to do more than just create a great video for your business or organization. The goal is to also increase distribution to target markets, connect with select audiences, build awareness and trust in your business, and generate massive leads, sales and conversions amounting to new fans and loyal customers.

Learn more about how optimized video can help you meet your 2015 business objectives by using the form below or calling (831) 428-5070 today.

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