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VFX Showreel

Visual effects demos by Francis Battaglia using tools including Autodesk Flame Premium, Smoke and Adobe After Effects.

Freelance work includes remastering episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation, feature films, tv commercials, music videos and network promos.

Green Rocket Digital projects often include motion graphics, color correction and other creative solutions in the post production pipeline, and visual effects are still available, including green screen work.

Projects requiring 3d animation may require additional contractors and vendors i.e. artists and software.

2d animation projects include:

• concept-to-delivery animation for marketing videos (aka “explainer videos”)

• branding motion graphics and animation

• opening title sequences

• animated text and images for Facebook video marketing

• artwork and animated menus for your YouTube Channel

For more information on these services, contact us through the website, email us at info at green rocket digital dot com or call (831) 428-5070 to discuss your next project.

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