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Resolution is an ongoing live performance project organized by musician / songwriter Ian Janco. It began at The Art Bar & Cafe (located within the Tannery Arts Center) in Santa Cruz, CA, in January while Ian was home for the holidays from his first year at LIPA music school in England. LIPA stands for The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts and is actually Paul McCartney’s project, so it definitely qualifies as an extra special music school.

Ian Janco and Alex Abreu have performed together on other original material (click here to here Clouds from January).

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“Moonrocks to Davenport”

Above: Alex Abreu, performing “Moonrocks to Davenport” live at Resolution on August 1, 2015. Alex’s debut CD “All of the Above”, which is definitely worth checking out, was co-produced by Ian’s father Erik Gillberg. You can hear it for free or buy it here.


“Beautiful Mystery”

Ian Janco, performing “Beautiful Mystery” from his CD “Stronghold” also co-produced by Ian’s dad Erik Gillberg. Thanks for listening and supporting these talented artists.


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