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How to Relieve Stress with Qigong – Wait, What is Qigong?

Feeling A Little Stressed Out?

You may appreciate this post. Life in 2016 has definitely been a little extra stressful for me, for whatever reason – work, health, politics, life. There are plenty of reasons to go around. So I was happy to discover a new way to relieve stress and anxiety, and from a cool client no less! This is what happens in Santa Cruz.  I’m really grateful to meet new and interesting clients all the time doing cool stuff – whether it’s in the health & wellness field, or organic food, renewable energy, local artists, new technologies, there’s always something cool brewing in Santa Cruz.  I’d heard of the more esoteric forms of qigong (aka qi gong or chi gong) many years ago working in San Clemente right after moving cross country, and had never seen an “Americanized” version that was compelling enough to want to explore.

Qigong expert Lee Holden in Yosemite

Lee Holden practicing the ancient art of qigong in Yosemite, California. May 2016. Photo by Francis Battaglia / Green Rocket Digital

“Qigong is known as the art of effortless power,” qigong expert Lee Holden likes to say. And it’s true. Lee’s been introducing the masses to the benefits of qigong since before he had his own program on PBS in 2007, so he knows what he’s talking about.  I started working with him and his team at Holden Qigong in February when I was asked to check out the old version of the “30 Day Challenge” from 2015. I committed to it and by the third or fourth day of this 30-day string of short 7-minute qigong videos, I was feeling the chi (or qi) while doing the exercises and afterwards.  And it was cool – cool enough to want to get onboard and help bring this ancient Chinese moving meditation to the masses even more. So that’s what we’re doing. We’ve been shooting multi-camera on iPhones, live-switching by tablet, and stabilizing cameras with gimbals. I helped out researching the gimbals and all along the way, location scouting, co-directing and producing, shooting video, photos and editing, video SEO services with Google and YouTube. People are definitely looking for ways to relieve stress. I can’t really speak to all of that – the stress management -related benefits, history and practice as well as an expert like Lee. More in-depth programs coming soon, here’s a quick video introduction: “What is Chi? What is Qigong?” (YouTube Channel clips)

If you’re interested in finding news ways to relieve stress and anxiety, increase your body’s energy, get better sleep and just how to relax more, you might want to explore this 30-day qigong challenge from Lee Holden just finished a few weeks ago. We recorded this in the Santa Cruz redwoods over by Nicene Marks and Land of the Medicine Buddha in Aptos, as well as up the coast around Davenport. More condition-specific videos are coming soon from our Yosemite recording sessions at the end of May, and there is more on deck after that recording in other locations. I hope you enjoy the videos if you give it a try. Let me know what you think via email (francis@greenrocketdigital dot com).



5 free videos here aka “5 Day Mini Course”

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