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How to Relieve Stress with Qigong – Wait, What is Qigong?

Feeling A Little Stressed Out? You may appreciate this post. Life in 2016 has definitely been a little extra stressful for me, for whatever reason – work, health, politics, life. There are plenty of reasons to go around. So I was happy to discover a new way to relieve stress and anxiety, and from a […]

New Indie Music

Resolution is an ongoing live performance project organized by musician / songwriter Ian Janco. It began at The Art Bar & Cafe (located within the Tannery Arts Center) in Santa Cruz, CA, in January while Ian was home for the holidays from his first year at LIPA music school in England. LIPA stands for The […]

VFX Showreel

Visual effects demos by Francis Battaglia using tools including Autodesk Flame Premium, Smoke and Adobe After Effects. Freelance work includes remastering episodes of Star Trek The Next Generation, feature films, tv commercials, music videos and network promos. Green Rocket Digital projects often include motion graphics, color correction and other creative solutions in the post production […]


Finding your target audience is key. It’s always a plus when it happens. Things used to be a lot different before everyone went online. There is nothing like the big screen with hundreds of people losing their marbles over the experience to let you know you’ve hit the mark. Here’s a classic video clip from […]

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